Our Mission

Helping innovative companies grow profitably in a digital first era.

Our Vision

We intend on making a positive impact on all of humanity by supporting businesses that do good.

OuR Values

How we operate internally & with our clients

Do Good

Business is an opportunity to do good and make a positive impact on your community. In some cases if you dream big enough, you can make a positive impact on all of humanity.

Seek Lifelong Relationships

We take the, 'If you wouldn't work with someone for a lifetime, don't work with them for a day' approach. Compounding happens not only in investing, but also relationships.


Automation is easier than ever thanks to software. If it can be explained, it can be systemized; if it can be systemized, it can be automated. Automation increases efficiency & scalability.

Seek Win-Wins

Business doesn't need to be a zero sum game. Parties should seek mutually beneficial relationships.

Stay Lean & Agile

Operating in a lean & agile fashion allows teams to deliver faster & more sustainably.

Mindful Communication

Communicate in a respectful & mindful manner.

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