Helping bootstrapped, Seed & Series A Startups Scale

T Minus Studios Startup Growth Cohort


T Minus Studios created a new model for helping early stage startups grow. Two times per year we partner with a limited number of startups. We work intensively with the companies - implementing our tried & trued growth frameworks, sales processes & marketing channels, providing access to our advisor & investor network, & more.

At the end of the intensive sprint, startups will be in a position to raise capital or continue or continue scaling their revenue in a bootstrapped manner. Our partnership doesn't end here. The team at T Minus Studios & our network continue to help the startups grow.

The Problem

Startup culture is toxicly obsessed with raising capital for the sake of raising capital. I'm not passing judgement...I've been there myself. Capital doesn't solve all, & sometimes it can do more harm than good, squandering resourcefulness in the process. Even when startups successfully raise, many times there is no predictable path towards revenue generation.

Our Solution

We help you eliminate the distraction of raising capital & focus on the true path to startup success - customer acquisition & thus revenue generation. By bolting on our marketing & sales playbook, you will begin generating revenue. At this point you can continue to bootstrap, or now consider raising capital at a higher valuation.

What you Get

Growth, Marketing & Sales Playbook

We'll implement our proven marketing & sales playbook to help you begin acquiring new customers in our first weeks working together. We'll help build a go-to-market strategy, implement a customer interviewing process, refine your sales pitch, collaborate on pitch decks, identify your ICP, identifty how best to reach your ICP, write copy that sells, build funnels that work, implement a suite of marketing/sales software, setup scalable advertising channels, a/b test landing pages, a/b test ads, & more.


We'll introduce you to fellow entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes, trusted advisors, channel partners, & our investor network when you're ready to raise.



3 month intensive sprint + continuity of support for startups that graduate.

Stock Options

T Minus Studios gets an option to buy 5% equity.

How to Qualify

Through pattern recognition, starting & selling our own companies, and consulting for 100+ unique companies, we've established a litmus test to identify with a high degree of probability whether or not we will have a prosperous relationship. We outline some of the criteria below. While some are deal breakers, you don't need to possess 100% of them. We will conduct 1-2 discovery sessions to identify mutual fit. In the event you do not qualify for the growth cohort, you still have an opportunity to qualify as a client.

Qualitative Assessment

Technical team, high integrity team of mindful communicators, PMF/path in sight to PMF, defensive moat/path in sight to building a defensible moat, full-time, & mission driven.

Quantitative Assessment

Large TAM, high LTV, 3+ months of revenue history, & you're currently a bootstrapped, pre-seed or a Series A startup.

Are you Ready to grow?

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