Our mission is to help brands become world class, categorical leaders in the digital-first world.

Our story

Let's embark on the journey of how it all started...


Pre T Minus Studios

Before T Minus Studios, our team co-founded ShopGLD which was acquired by Ryan Brant, co-founder of NASDAQ: TTWO which is most notable for bestselling video games Grand Theft Auto & 2k sports franchise. More recently, in 2020 after our divestiture, ShopGLD was acquired by H.I.G. Growth Partners.


T Minus Studios is Born

T Minus Studios begins servicing start-ups, SMBs, & Fortune 1000 enterprises as a fractional CMO/marketing consultant. At this point, only able to work with 3-5 companies at any given time but have aspirations of servicing thousands of businesses globally.


Y Combinator SUS

Our team joined Y Combinator SUS (YC). YC is notable for funding Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, Instacart, Reddit, and Coinbase. Startup School is designed to help founders through the earliest, most difficult challenges of starting a company. We graduated from their startup school in 2018 & were readmitted to the 2019 cohort.


COVID Strikes

When the times get tough, the tough get going. In 2020, we found our sweet spot, helping companies who not only wanted to succeed online, but wanted to be come world class brands. During this era, we helped B2B Tech & DTC companies go from no online presence to categorical leaders, some raising capital at their desired valuation, and achieving $40mm+ ARR in the process from our CAaaS & CMOaaS.


Breath & Depth

During 2021-2023 we expand our services beyond growth marketing, customer acquisition & demand generation.

We also take on a couple CMOaaS roles, helping startups achieve $1.8mm run rate in < 1 year, and helping others navigate acquisitions.


Introducing MIaaS

In 2024, we introduce Marketing as a Subscription(MaaS) due to popular demand. We noticed a need in the market for companies who simply don't have the marketing bandwidth in house to achieve excellence in the digital-first world.

Our team grows to 9 marketing experts! 

We're founders too. We created the agency we wish WE had to work with...

Entrepreneurship runs deep in our team's DNA. With firsthand experience founding companies, achieving successful exits, and guiding others from ground zero to tens of millions in recurring revenue, our team intimately understands the daily challenges of scaling a business. These experiences fuel our passion for helping brands grow profitably and succeed.

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Our Values

At T Minus Studios, we believe that our core values are the guiding stars of our business. They shape our culture, inform our decisions, and drive our success. These values are not just words to us; they are commitments we make to ourselves, our clients, and our community. As we share them with you, know that they are the foundation upon which we build every aspect of our work.


Do Good

At the heart of our mission is the commitment to make positive impact. We strive to create meaningful change through our actions, products, and services.


Seek Lifelong Relationships

We take the, 'If you wouldn't work with someone for a lifetime, don't work with them for a day' approach. We believe in building deep, lasting connections with our clients, partners, and team members. Compounding happens not only in investing, but also relationships.


Stay Lean & Agile

In a rapidly changing world, our agility and lean approach empower us to adapt quickly. We focus on efficiency and flexibility, allowing us to innovate and respond to new opportunities with speed and precision


Seek Win-Wins

Business doesn't need to be a zero sum game. Our philosophy is grounded in creating value for all stakeholders.  We don't waste time negotiating over the hyphen in a 50-50 deal. Parties should seek mutually beneficial relationships, or not engage in business at all.


Mindful Communication

We prioritize clear, honest, and empathetic communication. By actively listening and expressing ourselves thoughtfully, we build understanding and trust, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful and productive.


Bias Towards Action

We champion a proactive mindset, always ready to turn ideas into action. Our team embraces initiative and decisiveness, ensuring that we not only dream big but also act promptly to make those dreams a reality.

Our team

A dynamic blend of experts in full-stack marketing, demand generation, PR, sales enablement, full-stack development, and cinematography. With backgrounds ranging from Fortune 500s to scaling startups, we unite to bring innovation, excellence, and clear, honest communication to every engagement. Our diverse skills ensure a comprehensive approach to challenges, delivering cutting-edge solutions in today's evolving landscape.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Visual Production

Alan stands as a seasoned professional in the realm of cinematography, showcasing an extensive portfolio marked by his directorial and production contributions. His creative footprint extends across influential entities like Google, Netflix, Meta, and UPMC, where he has consistently crafted compelling visual narratives. With a keen eye for cinematic storytelling, Alan brings forth a wealth of expertise in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of visual content creation, exemplifying a commitment to delivering high-quality and impactful cinematography.

Design & UI/UX

Robert is visual creative with a fervor for crafting futuristic experiences and pushing artistic boundaries. Exploring a myriad of visual art concepts, he thrives on giving birth to innovative ideas. Beyond creativity, Robert finds solace in nature and resets by running hot laps out on the track, channeling the same passion that fuels his creative thinking. For him, technology serves as a vital bridge, enabling the transformation of bold ideas into vibrant realities.‍‍


Justin is fueled by a fervent passion for building startups and contributing to the rapid growth of those that have identified product-market fit. After his first startup was acquired by founder of TTWO:NASDAQ, he went on to help several other startups achieve tens of millions in revenue.Beyond the realm of work, he immerses himself in the great outdoors, relishes the joys of travel, finds solace in the world of literature, and cherishes quality time spent with his loved ones. This diverse set of interests not only enriches his personal life but also adds depth to his perspective, enhancing his ability to navigate the dynamic business landscape.‍

VP of Demand Generation

Spencer possesses a commitment to fostering the growth of businesses online. His expertise encompasses a comprehensive understanding of multi-channel marketing strategies, and demand generation techniques. Having spearheaded the growth of multiple e-commerce & emerging B2B tech ventures, Conners has demonstrated a flair for cultivating distinctive brands with widespread appeal. He now focuses on strategic marketing initiatives, demand generation tactics, and effective client acquisition strategies. Outside of work, Conners enjoys quality time spent with his fiancée and family.‍

Full Stack Developer

With over 10 years of experience in full-stack development, Shahab excels in handling front-end and back-end web applications, development, server-side scripting, database management, and hosting configurations, extending to client-side interfacing, UX, and visual design. Beyond the realm of work, Shahab finds solace and joy in spending time in the mountains, blending his technical expertise with a passion for outdoor pursuits. This combination not only defines his professional proficiency but also contributes to a well-rounded and dynamic skill set.

Marketing & Public Relations

With over 15 years of marketing and PR experience, Jen has been at the forefront of driving initiatives for emerging tech startups, Fortune 500 companies, and healthcare organizations. Her extensive professional journey is complemented by a unique perspective, holding a doctorate in Eastern medicine. This diverse background positions Jen as a seasoned professional capable of navigating the dynamic landscapes of both modern marketing strategies and holistic healthcare approaches.


After graduating from Yale, Christopher cultivated his expertise at a digital agency, focusing on content marketing and on-domain SEO strategies for a diverse range of e-commerce and local business clients. Since 2013, he has ventured into the realm of software, dedicating his efforts to local search and lead generation for national brands. His client roster includes notable names such as Bank of America, Nationwide Insurance, Smashburger, and Western Union.

Our locations

Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania

3706 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Del Mar, California

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