Marketing as a Subscription

Below we will document examples of marketing requests clients make when they subscribe to MaaS.

Media Buying & Programmatic Advertising

Client Request - SMB - Google Ads

"We would like to rank at the top of Google for {{redacted}} search terms. Our budget is $3k/mo. Please create the ads using photos from our website and language from our website. Let us know if you need anything else."

Client Request - E-Commerce - Google Ads

"Our media buyer isn't getting results on Facebook so we would like to explore new avenues. We are only getting add to cart."

Client Request - Healthcare Technology - Conference Marketing

"We are attending AHRA conference August & would like to to market to everyone attending the event. We are still deciding if we will buy the attendee list but either way we would like to geofence this area for the duration of the event. We're open to Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other channels. We'll use the collateral attached for the advertisement."

Client Request - E-Commerce - Attribution Reporting

"Can we setup a system to start tracking which channels are generating sales? Google analytics provides a high level overview but we would like to start seeing a more expansive & detailed view."

Client Request - B2B Healthcare - Live Event Marketing on LinkedIn

"We are hosting live webinars on a monthly basis & need to drive more event registrants via paid advertising. Our customer base is predominately on LinkedIn so we would like to use this is a channel. The copy & image we would like to use is attached but please alter it as you see fit."

Client Request - Startup Tech Company - Twitter Ads

"We're launching a new app and want to generate buzz on Twitter among tech enthusiasts and early adopters. Our budget is flexible based on the projected ROI. We'd like to use engaging visuals and compelling copy that resonates with our tech-savvy audience. Insights on optimal targeting strategies are also welcome."

Client Request - Real Estate - Instagram Ads

"We're aiming to increase visibility for our luxury property listings on Instagram. Our goal is to target high-net-worth individuals interested in premium real estate. We have high-quality images and videos for the ads. Please advise on the best ad format and targeting options to reach our desired audience."

Client Request - Retail Brand - Multi-Platform Retargeting Campaign

"Our online store sees a lot of traffic but our conversion rate is low. We'd like to implement a retargeting campaign across Google, Facebook, and Instagram to remind visitors of the products they viewed. Assistance in setting up and optimizing the campaign would be appreciated."

Client Request - Educational Institution - YouTube Ads

"We want to promote our new online course series through YouTube to attract lifelong learners. The campaign should highlight the unique features of our courses and the convenience of learning at one's own pace. Please create an engaging ad campaign targeting adults interested in personal and professional development."

Client Request - Travel Agency - Pinterest Ads

"We specialize in customized travel packages and want to use Pinterest to inspire potential travelers. Our goal is to showcase breathtaking destinations and unique experiences through rich Pins. We need support on creating visually appealing ads and effectively targeting users who are planning their next adventure."

Branding, Design, & Content Creation

Client Request - FinTech - Branding Package

"We need a new logo for our payments sister-company. It should be very modern, fun, not too serious, & edgy."

Client Request - Tourism - Content Creation

"A template to use for social media posts on social media. We want it to be used for our {redacted}. Use our brans guidelines attached. We need the template created in Figma or provided in .AI file format."

Client Request - B2B - Web Development

"We would like to either elevate our current website or rebuild it on a platform of your choice. All the content will stay the same, but we need a sleek 2023 design. Our current website was built 10 years ago and needs a facelift."

Client Request - Payment Processing - Blog Images

"Would would like you to create 10 images for our blog posts. Use our green, black and white brand colors. Make them all $ & payments related."

Client Request - Educational Tech - Infographic Design

"We need an informative and visually appealing infographic that explains the benefits of our e-learning platform to schools and institutions. It should align with our brand colors and be engaging enough to share on social media and presentations."

Client Request - Jewelry Retailer - Packaging Design

"We require unique and eye-catching packaging design for our range of SKUs. The design should reflect the premium quality of the product and incorporate elements that tell origin story and craftsmanship."

Client Request - Legal Services Firm - Website Content

"We're updating our website and need professionally written content that clearly communicates our services, expertise, and values. The tone should be authoritative yet approachable, catering to our diverse clientele."

Automation Development

Client Request - B2B Marketplace - Webhook Development

"We need stripe to notify our billing team each tome a new subscription is generated. From there we need a new Slack channel automatically created & then a welcome message sent from our customer success rep."

Client Request - Marketing Agency - Mailgun Bounce Report Cleansing

"We need an automated report sent to marketing on a weekly basis of all mailgun suppression list & bounces at which point our CRM is cleansed of this data so we don't email them again."

Client Request - E-Commerce Retail - Inventory Management Integration

"We need an automation that syncs our e-commerce platform with our inventory management system. Whenever a product's stock level falls below a certain threshold, it should trigger a purchase order to our supplier and update the stock levels on the website in real-time."

Client Request - Real Estate Agency - Lead Distribution Automation

"Develop an automation that distributes new leads among our sales team based on specific criteria such as location and property type. Each lead should be entered into our CRM and a personalized follow-up email should be sent immediately."

Client Request - Online Education Platform - Course Completion Certification

"Automate the process of generating and emailing a personalized certificate to students upon completion of a course. The system should integrate with our LMS to fetch the necessary data and ensure a seamless experience."

Client Request - Event Management Company - Attendee Registration and Follow-up

"Create an automation that captures attendee registration details from our website, sends a confirmation email, and schedules a pre-event reminder. Post-event, it should send a feedback survey and add the attendees to our newsletter list."

Client Request - Services Firm - Ticketing System Integration

"We need an automation that integrates our internal ticketing system with our client support portal. When a client submits a support request, it should automatically create a ticket, assign it to the appropriate team, and notify the client about the progress."

Client Request - B2B Healthcare - Social Media Post Notification

"Create an automation that notifies our entire team each time we post on our LinkedIn page. We want them to comment on it quickly so time is of the essence. Utilize a tool of your choice. What's critical is that {redacted} is notified."


Client Request - B2B - Ai enabled SEO

"We would like to start publishing 15-20 new blog posts per month utilizing Ai. Can you create a process for us to find content ideas, generate AI SEO articles 1k-2k words long, and publish on a weekly basis,"

Client Request - Local SMB - SEO Review

"Can you run a report to see which words we are organically rankings for and other words we should be targeting?"

Client Request - E-Commerce - SEO Product Descriptions

"We need SEO-optimized product descriptions for our online store's new inventory. The content should be engaging, adhere to our brand tone, and include key search terms that improve our products' visibility in search results..."

Client Request - SaaS Startup - Technical SEO Audit

"We're concerned about our website's load times and mobile responsiveness. Could you conduct a technical SEO audit to identify issues that may be affecting our SEO rankings and provide ideas to optimize our site performance?"

Client Request - Travel Blog - Local SEO Enhancement

"We want to attract more visitors to our travel blog focusing on specific destinations. Can you help optimize our content for local SEO ensuring we appear in searches related to those destinations and improve our overall leads inbound?"

Client Request - Healthcare - SEO Content Strategy

"We're looking to establish our clinic as a thought leader in our specialty. Can you develop an SEO-driven content strategy that includes blog topics, keywords to target, and a content calendar to enhance our online presence and attract more patients?"

Client Request - Online Course Provider - SEO Backlink Strategy

"We want to improve our domain authority and search rankings. Could you devise a backlink strategy that helps us acquire quality links from reputable education and career-focused sites. Thanks!"

Email Marketing

Client Request - Production Agency - Email Marketing Migration

"We are experiencing very low deliverability & need to explore new a new tech stack to increase campaign performance. Advise a new software stack, once approved, setup our foundation, DNS setting, & integrate with our CRM."

Client Request - B2B SaaS Advisory - Email Marketing Lead List

"We need a database of our startups that recently raised capital in the past 6 months. Focus on tech/tech adjacent. Disclude any with team sizes < 10."

Client Request - E-Commerce - Email Template

"We need a new template designed for cart abandonment and upsells in Klayvio. Our current template is too bare bones & needs to be spruced up."

Client Request - B2B Tech - Demand Generation

"We need an email marketing process to replace our our business development reps futile efforts. We would like to generate 40-50 new business opportunities per month. We'll need help refining our message, setting up new technology, & getting access to a lead list of everyone in our ICP. Will provide more details in the attachment."

Conversion Rate Optimization

Client Request - SaaS - A/B testing

"We would like to test new language on a dedicated language page to compare conversion rate versus our current offer. Please create the landing pages & create a new campaign to split test our Facebook Ads."

Public Relations

Client Request - Local SMB - Press Release

"Can you publish this press release on the wire, host it on our website and reach out to local publications to help us get coverage."

Client Request - Local SMB - Yahoo Finance Public Relations

"We would like to get press on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, & other outlets"

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