50 Things I Believe In: Work, Life, and Marketing

Justin Novak
January 18, 2024
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  • Give more than you take
  • Culture is built from the top down
  • Stay bootstrapped as long as possible
  • Communicate mindfully & be polite
  • Eat the frog 🐸
  • Chase multiple rabbits, you end up with none
  • Avoid excessive overhead
  • The biggest risk you can take, is not taking a risk
  • Find great partners, and/or hire great people - or pay the price
  • Play the long game
  • Respond to emails daily
  • Find great back office support(CPA, legal, etc.) sooner than you need to
  • Understand your unit economics thoroughly
  • Enjoy the process


  • Exercise 2-3x+ per week
  • Eat whole foods
  • The gift of presence is the best present you can ever give (shoutout Abe!)
  • Read more books
  • Avoid negative people 🚩
  • Have a positive disposition, especially when it's hard
  • Be careful what information you consume
  • Take care of yourself. You need to fill your own cup before you fill others
  • Meditation is the #1 life hack
  • Build life long relationships
  • Spend more time in nature 🌊
  • Travel more before you're 30
  • Always leave something better than you found it
  • Talk to strangers
  • Call your family
  • Give genuine compliments, and constructive criticism(when necessary).

Sales & Marketing

  • Utilize the scientific process 🧪
  • Rapidly test and iterate until you identify a winning strategy. Once you do, pour gasoline on the fire
  • Everything in marketing has a shelf life
  • Evangelism leads to commercialization
  • Raising your prices, more often than not, doesn't lower conversion rate
  • Google is still king 🤴
  • You only need 2-3 sales/marketing channels humming to achieve $10mm+ revenue/yr
  • Diversify your sales/marketing channels to avoid a single point of failure disrupting your business
  • You grow what you measure 📈
  • Build community
  • Build 'SIN' offers: superior, irresistible, and no brainer
  • No one cares about mechanism. They want benefits. Focus 80% on benefit and 20% mechanism
  • Prospects need to see the solution/benefits in their minds eye
  • Your solution should be (1) quick and easy to implement (2) generate fast results (3) viewed as new and different (4) superior to other options (5) solves significant problem (6) produces desired result (7) can be done for you (8) gives confidence in success
  • Prospects want to know 'what makes you different, but more importantly what makes you better.' People don't go to Google for the second best option unless they're price shopping
  • Product, sales, and marketing are a symbiotic relationship
  • Whenever possible, own your customer list.

Note: this list is my personal view. They're firm opinions, held loosely...and subject to change.

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