Why we Launched Marketing as a Subscription (MaaS) in 2024

Justin Novak
February 5, 2024
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Why we Launched Marketing as a Subscription (MaaS)

After running a marketing agency since 2016, consulting for 150+ marketing agencies, & chatting with 500+ agency founders - we noticed the many flaws with the traditional agency we decided to build the solution we wish we had when we were running our own startups.

1. The Traditional Agency Model is Broken

After personally working with hundreds of agencies the past several years, we noticed a trend - the traditional marketing agency model is simply broken. There is a variety of reasons this happens, including but not limited to:

  • Misalignment of incentives
  • Price gouging
  • They don't understand your business model or industry
  • Too much bureaucracy
  • Internal inefficiencies
  • A senior VP signs the deal and the next day you're working with junior talent that doesn't know what's going on
  • Never ending discovery cycles
  • They're too disconnected from your daily operations

The list goes on, and on, and on...

MaaS solves this by being the fulfillment arm of your marketing function. Your team calls the shots, we deliver.

2. Async > Sync

We noticed a pattern that our most successful clients - some of which we've been working with since 2017 - meet with us the least. Sure, they have our calendar link & we make ourselves accessible, but they don't want to meet. Why? Simply because they're getting results and they have no reason to touch base. Furthermore, it's simply a waste of their time and they understand the value of time. The more a client wants to meet with an agency, this usually means they don't trust what you're doing or they are achieving subpar outcomes. Lastly, let's be honest, nobody likes meetings....

3. We Were Inspired by World Class Service Providers

This model has been popularized in the design & web development space by the likes of DesignJoy and Refresh. After working with them (shout out Alex) we saw the efficiency & value creation that comes for both parties in this modern day model.

4. Building a Full Stack Marketing Team in House is Expensive & Risky.

This isn't news to anybody. Due to the wide array of marketing capabilities, a Swiss army knife/jack of all trades marketer is a a unicorn - I've only met a handful my entire career and am grateful to have a couple on the team!

More often than not, for a company doing $1mm-$10mm in revenue, you need a team of 7+(if not more) to check all the boxes. A project manager, media buyer, creative/UIUX, web developer, back end developer, general marketing operations, and social media manager which lands you north of $350k+/yr for junior talent & north of $750k+ for a senior team.

Additionally, it's risky! If you hire wrong, well, I'll let you do the math there...

5. Slow Delivery Cycles in Traditional Agency Model

Traditional agencies generally have longgggggg delivery cycles. This happens for a variety of reasons; despite the reason, it's frustrating for both parties. Clients are paying for output, not a think tank (in most cases). For MaaS, we have a bias towards action to keep momentum for your organization.

6. You Know who YOU are

A lot of marketing agencies try to come in and tell you who you are. They try to change your language, your message, your this, or your that. Next thing you know, you've lost who you are as a brand. You don't need an 'expert' to come in and tell you who YOU are. You as the founder, CMO or director of marketing know this best. You are the domain expert in your field.

What you need is an extension of your team who knows how to execute. How to get $#+^ done. Period.

7. Beta Run in 2024 was a Success

After running this model in beta during 2023 with a handful of legacy clients, we're prepared to officially take it to market here in February of 2024. We worked out the kinks, filled gaps on our own team, & operationalized.

What is Marketing as a Subscription(MaaS)?

MaaS is a first of it's kind full-stack marketing solution, tailored for organizations that have gaps in their marketing team but don't have the in-house expertise to bridge the gaps. The benefits & features include:

  1. Instantly access a wide array of marketing capabilities: Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, reputation management, content creation, conversion rate optimization, CRM, branding & identity, email marketing, web design, lead database, B2B LinkedIn outreach, GTM strategy, post production video editing, automation development, programmatic advertising, lead generation, web development, e-commerce, SEO, public relations, analytics & reporting, website migration/replatforming, & more.
  2. 100% async delivery. Stop wasting time in meetings.
  3. Stop puzzling over who on your team is going to tackle a marketing initiative; instead, send it our way.
  4. Seamless fulfillment process: submit a request, and get delivery.
  5. Replace unreliable agencies and freelances for one flat monthly fee
  6. Instant access to a team of marketing experts with 75+ years of marketing experience collectively

Want to learn more about MaaS? Want to see if you're a fit for MaaS? You can reach us here.

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