CAaaS vs MaaS: Which is Right for me?

Justin Novak
February 20, 2024
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Interested in moving forward with one of T Minus Studios marketing solutions, but just not quite sure which solution is right for you?

Customer Acqusitions as a Service (CAaaS)

CAaaS is built for companies who have a tried-and-trued solution, but just don't have a playbook to acquire new customers consistently and predictably online. Perhaps you've just found product-market-fit & you're looking to hyper scale, or have been around for 30+ years and you're just now looking to grow your business using a digital marketing playbook.

Here is a list of criteria our successful clients who use CAaaS to grow revenue have in common:

  • Industries: B2B Service, B2B Tech, B2B SaaS
  • Average Contract Value(ACV): $10k+/yr
  • Churn: Less than 20% annual logo churn
  • Total Addressable Market(TAM): relatively large TAM. Not ideal for companies that have a super niche solution that is only relevant to 100 target accounts.
  • Company Stage: Preparing for Series A or beyond.
  • Team: Robust leadership team but don't have a refined digital marketing strategy in-house to take you to the next level.
  • Scale: Your internal operations are ready to scale.

If you don't meet at least 4-5 of the above criteria, I would recommend exploring Marketing as a Subsctption(MaaS) which is more flexile for a broader range of client profiles.

Who is CAaaS NOT right for?

  • You're a pre-revenue startup who's still figuring out product-market-fit
  • Your product has high churn
  • You have a low-ticket product, service, or solution that's less than $10,000/yr
  • You're a part-time entrepreneur who hasn't gone 'all in'
  • You want to 'figure it out' on your own, and don't want a firm to help you implement a tried & tried solution.

Typical Outcomes:

At the core of CaaS is driving net new revenue for your company. Here is what you can expect:

  • New paying customers
  • More phone calls, inbound leads, demo requests, form submissions, marketing qualified leads, & sales qualified leads.
  • Earned Media from industry trade publications & top tier outlets.
  • A more robust digital presence.
  • Enhanced creative assets to improve credibility & trust.
  • Increased velocity of sales calls for your account executives(AEs).
  • Amplified brand recognition.
  • Improved organic SEO rankings.
  • More social followers.
  • Interest from our network of VCs & angel investors.
  • Access into channel partnerships networks & referral partnerships.

Be advised, each client is unique and experiences unique results.

Marketing as a Subscription (MaaS)

MaaS is built for a wide range of companies who are simply lacking in-house marketing bandwidth and need a trusted marketing team to come in and fill the gaps. Gone are the days of figuring out who are your team is going to tackle a marketing related task - we've got you covered. With MaaS you can put in any marketing request through your dedicated portal & our team will simply get to work.

Commonality among our clients who use MaaS:

  • Revenue: $1mm/yr - $10mm/yr
  • Marketing Team Size: 1-10 full time marketing employees
  • Time Constrained: Busy running current operations & don't have time to get marketing tasks done.
  • Labor Constrained: Know they need more marketing talent but can't find the right hire(s).
  • Industry: N/A this solution is viable for all businesses across all industries.

Who is MaaS not right for?

  • You don't care about improving your marketing function & digital presence
  • You have surplus marketing labor in-house & don't need an extra set of hands.
  • You don't want access to 50+ unique marketing capabilities.
  • You don't like async communication.
  • You want all your work done in-house

Typical Outcomes:

Every client uses MaaS in a unique fashion so the outcomes vary significantly. You can see examples of how clients utilize MaaS in details here. I will also provide a handful of high level examples below: 

  • Enhanced marketing function.
  • Marketing campaigns & initiatives get launched faster.
  • You spend less time figuring our who is going to get what done.
  • Your have an enhanced digital presence.
  • You waste less time in meetings.


Still not sure which is right for you? Reach out for a discovery session here - we've got you covered.

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